Swarm of earthquakes shakes Dead Sea area

Multiple earthquake have hit the southern shore of Dead Sea on Monday. According to the Geophysical Institute of Israel these quakes occurred near the Jordan town Ghor Hadietah. Shaking from the strongest quakes, which reached Magnitude 3.7 and 3.5, was also felt in parts of Israel.

Graphic: emsc-csem.org

No reports about damage or injuries are available. The Dead Sea is located within a tectonic basin that was formed by multiple massive earthquakes. In historical times many strong earthquakes have hit the area along the so called Dead Sea Transform Fault, causing repeated massive destruction and millions of casualties. Scientists say a new severe quake on the Dead Sea Transform Fault could happen any time. Most parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon could be affected.

However, earthquake swarms are a commen phenomen in this region.

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